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Ready to quench your dry and thirsty skin? Start with the Essential Hydration Control Kit. Packed with nourishing ceramides, lipids, antioxidants and skin loving oils, this kit will be your skin's rescue. A simple 4 piece kit that aids in balancing, hydrating, nourishing and replenishing your skin of the essential elements missing from your skincare routine. With consistent usage your skin will come back to life as your moisture barrier repairs itself for optimal skin health and protection. 



Essential Hydration Control Kit

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Hydration Kit
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    • Radiance Foaming Cleanser 7.3oz - Sulfate free, non drying hydrating cleanser
    • Restoring Tonic 8 oz - antioxidant packed replenishing and hydrating tonic
    • Intensive Restoring Replenishing Serum 1oz - Lipid and Ceramide replenishing face serum 
    • Hydration Complex Daily Face Moisturizer 1.7oz  - Ultra nourishing and moisturizing cream for skin types needing intense nourishment. 
    • Great for Dry, Normal or Sensitive skin types


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