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Formulated with a multi alpha hydroxy acid complex including Glycolic, Malic and Lactic Acid, this skin enhancing tonic helps reduce pore size while smoothing and enhancing the skin's texture. Suitable for daily usage. This tonic is ideal for those who desire glowing and radiant skin with a more toned complexion. Organic Aloe and Glycerin aids in hydration benefits to enhance the moisture barrier during daily use for healthier and hydrated skin.

AHA Skin Enhancing Tonic

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AHA Tonic
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    • Organic Aloe  - Naturally soothing and moisturizing properties  
    • Glycolic Acid  - Skin tightening and restucturing acid   
    • Malic Acid -  Skin brightening and smoothing acid   
    • Lactic Acid- Hydrating and moisturing acid 
    • Glycerin - Moisturing agent that draws moisture into the skin
    • Bilberry Extract - Calming and enviornmental defense properties
    • Safe for all skin types 
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