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PRX-T33 Biorevitalization Treatment 


This revolutionary new treatment launched in the U.S. recently and there have been over 2 million treatments performed in Europe and now Demi Cortez Medical Esthetics. It’s the peel with minimal to NO peeling, and it helps smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and body. Skin laxity will be improved along with an immediate tightening + lifting of the skin. Collagen cells are intensely stimulated resulting in firmer, healthier and glowing skin. 


The service includes a full cycle of PRX-T33 treatments (4 sessions, done weekly) that helps stimulate the skin to create new collagen and improve hyperpigmentation. A Corrective Skincare Kit is also included with each service. 


How is this possible?


The formula features a unique combination of TCA (33%), Kojic Acid (5%) and hydrogen peroxide that stimulate the dermis while minimizing aggressive shedding on the epidermis (top layer of skin). Once applied to the skin, the TCA concoction penetrates down to the deeper layers of the skin, leaving the epidermis intact.  As a result, the skin is immediately hydrated and firmer, while initiating the tightening properties. It also promotes the stimulation of fibroblasts and growth factors without causing inflammation or damaging the skin. The treatment can be performed at any time of year, including spring/summertime, because it is not photosensitizing (sensitivity to sunlight and exposure). You may continue with your normal day to day activities with the appropriate sun protection.


Benefits of the PRX-T33 Treatment include...


  • Smoother and tighter skin where applied.

  • Minimized pore size and appearance.

  • Improved scarring size and depth as well as stretch mark improvement.

  • Minimized appearance in age spots and hyperpigmentation.

  • Improvement in wrinkles and fine lines.

How Does It Work?

Your skin will be cleansed and prepared before applying the biorevitalization peel. Once this is done the peel will be applied as a topical solution directly onto the treatment area, where it is gently massaged into the skin until completely absorbed.  You will feel a light tingle sensation, which is normal. The solution will then penetrate right down to the dermal and basal layers of the skin.

The solution will be applied several times over one 30-minute session. Then the peel will be washed and rinsed off. 

The chemical solution that has been absorbed by your skin will trigger biological processes on a cellular level, particularly through the production of collagen and elastin. The skin of the treated areas will begin to remodel itself, becoming smoother, tighter, and brighter from the inside out. 


Am I A Candidate?

Individuals dealing with acne, loss of firmness in skin, atrophic scars, loss of skin laxity, uneven skin tones or post-inflammatory spots are all candidates for the PRX-T33 treamtment.

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