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The Duo Masking Set combines all the essentials for balanced, healthy and glowing skin. Including brand favorites Sebum Rescue Mask and Dual Moisture Aloe Hydrating Gel, this set will help regulate oil production, brighten and soothe congested skin instantly. The set also includes a Demi Cortez Skincare Unisex Travel Bag, The Essential Brush and bowl.


The bowl and brush are nonporous, so no need to worry about housing bacteria. 

The Duo Masking Set

Brush Color
    • 1 x Sebum Rescue Mask
    • 1 x Dual Moisture Hydrating Gel   
    • 1 x Essential Brush (black or white options)
    • 1 x Mixing Bowl
    • 1 x Demi Cortez Skincare Travel Bag (1 bag per household order.)
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