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Demi Cortez Skincare's Sonic Klen marks an exciting new approach to traditonal facial cleansing and penetrating devices. The Sonic Klen combines 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute with nonabrasive silicone bristles to provide a deep pore facial cleansing for purified and clear skin. The bristles are gentle and glide easily around the facial contours. With a compact and travel-friendly design, the Sonic Klen comes with a wireless charging base that lasts up to 200 uses at full charge. The fully waterproof design can be integrated into any skincare routine seamlessly. Along with deep pore cleansing benefits, the dual and handheld design also adds the advantage of gently massaging your serums and moisturizers into the epidermal layers of the skin for optimal penetration. Smart technology provides the Sonic Klen with the ability to hold a short 15s pause during deep pore cleansing to remind you to cleanse each section of the face, totaling a full 60s cycle each cleanse. For the massage mode, the Sonic Klen will hold a shorter pause for 12s.



Ditch your hands and the bacteria holding brushes. It's time to elevate your skincare routine and enhance your glow. 


Stop acne and dry skin at the SOURCE.


Restock and Shipping 4/1/24

Sonic Klen

SKU: 067

    • Ultra-hygienic silicone is nonporous to resist bacteria buildup.
    • 40X more hygienic than standard cleansing brushes.
    • 50X Better cleanse than using hands.
    • 2X T-Sonic Power: 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute.
    • 12 intensities for customizable cleansing.
    • Wireless Charging base.
    • Compact and travel freindly.
    • Great for ALL SKIN TYPES.
    • Smart Technology: 100% waterproof for use in bath or shower. 150 uses per full charge.
    • 1x Black Sonic Klen, 1x Wireless charging base, 1x USB cord, 1x User manual
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